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Blocks of Style

Each of the Blocks of Style is a customizable service provided based on the results of an initial analysis. New clients are encouraged to select a minimum of two Blocks of Style to get started. Mix and match as you see fit! Take a look below and see which services would best meet your needs. Not sure? No worries! I’m happy to make a recommendation after a free initial consultation. 


Wardrobe  analysis to clarify individual objectives

4-hour wardrobe edit

All unwanted items are removed & promptly donated

Email Recap containing a summary & suggestions to use going forward 


2-hours of additional editing


Style and body shape analysis

Online shopping via personalized catalog, followed by virtual try-on session, OR

Shopping IRL at 2 stores with preselected items & real-time feedback

All purchases uploaded to a digital lookbook


Event shopping

Trip / vacation shopping

Austin local deliveries & returns


Daily dressing challenges analysis

Styled looks are created & photographed for the occasions when you want to simplify getting dressed 

All looks created are uploaded to a digital lookbook for future reference


Trip / vacation look styling

Photoshoot look styling

Start Building Your Style Today!:

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