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Wardrobe editing and style advice for women

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I’m Kara, a former lawyer who made a change after more than a decade of practicing law to pursue a career as a personal stylist in Austin, TX. I may take the “you can do anything with a law degree” theory to an extreme, but ALL the non-legal jobs I’ve had were in women’s retail. Those positions solidified my love of clothing and fashion, which were firmly instilled by a mother who sewed and taught me about fabrics, drape, proportion, and accessorizing. I also loved the feeling I got from helping women to achieve their personal style goals while learning what was flattering on different body shapes.

With life and professional service-provider experience to build on, I’m committed to working with women who are struggling to: find their personal style, feel confident when they get dressed each day, set-aside time to shop for themselves, or tackle an overdue closet clean-out. I’m an excellent listener, communicator, and empathetic problem solver who will work with you to get to a place where your closet is functional and reflects your life and priorities – not a source of stress and anxiety.

Offered virtually and in-person
Enviable personal style comes from a woman being confident in three things: what she owns, what she buys, and the ability to put pieces together in a way that is authentic to her. I help women build this confidence using the Blocks of Style Method. The Blocks of Style Method is an innovative approach to providing personal styling services in that it allows each woman to prioritize the aspects of her wardrobe and style she wants to focus on by choosing a combination of  the Blocks of Style: EDIT,  CURATE, and INTEGRATE according to her individual goals.


Wardrobe  analysis to clarify individual objectives

4-hour wardrobe edit

All unwanted items are removed & promptly donated

Email Recap containing a summary & suggestions to use going forward 



Style and body shape analysis

Online shopping via personalized catalog, followed by virtual try-on session, OR

Shopping IRL at 2 stores with preselected items & real-time feedback

All purchases uploaded to a digital lookbook


Daily dressing challenges analysis

Styled looks are created & photographed for the occasions when you want to simplify getting dressed 

All looks created are uploaded to a digital lookbook for future reference


“Kara used her power of discernment to help cull through a closet amassed over 10 years with serious relics. She cleaned it out and organized for functionality. She sent recommendations for refreshes of bags, shoes and basics through a very modern app that I was able to purchase from directly. She curated pieces that I would never pick and I absolutely adore. She also created outfits from the new and old pieces in my closet. Now I’m ready for any event!”

(C.F., sales professional)


Book a Free 30-minute Initial Consultation

Follow along for style ideas and inspiration

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